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Configuring Office Hours & Holidays in the 3CX Management Console

Directions Configuring office hours & holidays can be a really useful feature to use in the workplace. It allows you to set office hours for each day of the week and plan your office holidays in advance, ensuring that you do not forget to make any changes your office hours. Continue reading this blog for […]

New Year, New Updates

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year… many businesses closed their doors following government guidelines, applied new social distancing methods and worked remotely. This continues throughout the first Q1 of 2021 and with a bit of luck, companies may be able to resume back to a normal working environment later on in the year. Nevertheless, for […]

NEW | Fanvil i Series SIP Indoor Stations

Fanvil’s new i Series Indoor Stations can be used in residential environments and may also be useful for offices in tall commercial buildings to achieve remote door access. These indoor stations work seamlessly with Fanvil’s door phones and intercoms, no matter whether it supports audio or video.  For example, the Fanvil i16 Intercom supports video […]

Using 3CX Reports

Access a choice of performance reports to check how well your staff are perfoming individually and as a team. Examples of reports types include agent performance reports and quality of service reports. Where to find 3CX Reports and how to use them: In your Management Console navigate to Reports (located on the left menu bar) […]

Promotional Offer: Recieve a FREE Fanvil WF20 WiFi Dongle and 5V Power Supply With Your Fanvil X6U Purchase

We are offering you the chance to recieve a FREE Fanvil WF20 Wi-Fi Dongle and a 5V power supply, with every Fanvil X6U purchase. This offer is only available until the 31st December 2020, so make sure those orders are in before this time to take advantage. The Fanvil WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle can be […]

3CX App Updates 2020

As the UK goes into a second national lockdown, many of you will be working from home. It is now more important than ever to have the correct working from home equipment. This is where 3CX can be a huge help!  The 3CX Android and IOS app have new updates, helping businesses confidently and efficiently […]

Working from home essentials for your business…

Supporting your business through a second national lockdown. As Covid-19 sweeps across society, populations are forced to adapt to new realities re-shaping the way businesses operate. With many individuals working from home due to the national lockdowns, it is now more important than ever to have the correct work from home equipment! Many companies struggled […]

The 3CX Chrome Extension

Directions With the 3CX Chrome Extension when you receive an incoming call, you can answer the call within your browser. Once you are connected to the caller, you will have the ability to: Start a new call Start a conference Blind transfer Attend transfer Record the call To make a transfer simply search for a […]

How-to integrate a Jabra headset with the 3CX Browser Extension

Directions For the Jabra headset integration to work you need to install the Jabra Chromehost on either Windows or MacOS. Now add the Jabra Browser Integration Extension to Chrome. Please be aware that this integration is not available for Chrome OS and Linux users. On the 3CX Browser Extension, navigate to settings – personalise then […]

3CX Live Chat & Talk

Directions 1. Install the 3CX live chat WordPress plugin – If your website doesn’t run on WordPress, that’s okay! It’s available for any CMS or custom-built site Keep your communications on one platform Help customers find information in real-time 2. Turn visitors into conversions – Reduce your websites bounce rates and capture your visitors attention […]

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