Fanvil Release Healthcare Series


Fanvil have released a new series tailored to cater specifically for the healthcare industry. This collection includes a range of innovative products from big button IP phones to healthcare intercoms focused on emergency security. The series additionally encompasses accessories to pair with these products, such as the KT10 emergency button.

Their decision to expand into the healthcare environment comes after listening to industry demand and their customers needs. The healthcare facilities require specific needs and integrated communication systems for seamless operations. Fanvil’s healthcare range are designed to enhance efficiency of healthcare settings, tailored towards specific needs such as emergency calling, which can be efficiently met through the Fanvil KT10 and KT20 emergency buttons.

Fanvil’s product line expansion provides an exciting opportunity for resellers to meet market demands and diversify their product range.

It also offers lasting growth potential, when demand for communication and safety in healthcare settings has remained constantly high. The healthcare sector places focus on seeking solutions that enhance patient care and improve operational efficiency. Fanvils products fit perfectly, aligning with those ideals. Lets take a look at some of their desired products, that are designed for durability and meet industry standards.

Fanvil X305

Big Button IP Phone

The big button IP phone, Fanvil X305, is an accessibility focused phone designed for ease of use and simplicity. The phone is designed with larger buttons compared to standard IP phones, (such as the Fanvil X4U, X5U) for enhanced usability, especially for those who require more prominent keys for better visibility and ease of dialling.

Its features cater to individuals with visual and hearing impairments, with brail dots on buttons (for those who rely on Braille for communication), 4x speed dial buttons with image customisation for quick actions and hearing aid compatibility with HD audio.

It also has a generous 3.5 inch colour screen with a clear and simplistic / basic interface that people of all ages can understand. The X305 features built-in Bluetooth & Wifi so no additional dongles are required and also features dual gigabit ports.

Fanvil Y501W

WiFi HealthCare Intercom

The Fanvil Y501W is an intercom designed specifically for healthcare environments.

Unlike other door intercoms and access units in Fanvil’s product portfolio, the Y501W is beneficial in healthcare settings due to features such as its one click to call emergency button and its ability to connect with external security devices such as smoke sensors, alarms and emergency buttons such as the Fanvil KT10, KT20 & KT30.

This healthcare security product is ideal for placement in care homes and hospitals. It has been designed with bright colours for clarity. Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi, removes wires and offers easily installation.

Fanvil KT10, KT20 & KT30

SOS Emergency Button

The Fanvil KT10, KT20 & KT30 are emergency buttons can be purchased separately. These are compatible with the Fanvil X305 and Y501 intercoms and can be programmed with the phone system to trigger emergency calls or alters to the X305 and Y501 intercoms when activated.

These devices are particularly useful when applying them in settings to protect elderlies safety. It allows users to make one-click calls in an emergency within a certain range, protecting users’ safety all the time.

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