3CX Resilient Hosting

Our hosting supports all supported 3CX features and provisioning methods with no limits on scalability. Deploy using our 3CX Installation Wizard, automating deployment and much of the configuration. We manage the Linux operating system, including security patches and version upgrades.

Support For Licence Key Replacement


If you have a functioning 3CX instance but need to update the licence key, you can easily do so. We provide users with the option to replace their existing licence keys hassle free. We are here to help you through the replacement process, offering enhanced flexibility and security for your system and ensuring a smooth transition with the new licence key.

Call Flow Designer


Save employees time and enhance the user experience with the call flow designer. You create and tailor call flows to suit your business with no programming required. This enhances control and can intelligently route calls based on predefined criteria.

The call flow designer feature empowers you to create and customise call flows and adaptability with no programming required.

Custom Templates


Benefit from the flexibility of custom provisioning templates for phones that are not officially supported by 3CX, allowing you to tailor your setup to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

CDR Sockets


We provide access to CDRs via ports so you can script your own custom reports.

Hotel Module


The hotel PBX features are specific for hospitality environments. The following functions can be achieved:
​ ​ ​ • Check in and Check out of guests (via PMS or 3CX WebClient).
​ ​ ​ • Setting guest extensions to Do not Disturb.
​ ​ ​ • Blocking of external calls when a room is not occupied.
​ ​ ​ • Schedule wake up calls.
​ ​ ​ • Allows billing of calls to rooms (via Fidelio PMS).
​ ​ ​ • Allows housekeeping to set room status via the phone.

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Resilient Hosting Price

All hosting comes with 100GB storage as a standard. This can be increased in 100GB blocks at a cost of £10 / 100GB / month.
Voicemails are only limited by the available storage which can be scaled up.




















Sim Calls vCPUs RAM Price

Backup & Monitoring

Instance Monitoring

We monitor our instances every minute to ensure that infrastructure is available. We perform daily snapshots of the instance and retain 5 versions.

Nightly Config Backups

We perform nightly config backups, which are encrypted and stored securely at another datacentre. We securely synchronise call recordings nightly to another datacentre.

Nightly Image Backups

We take nightly image backups which are stored at our secondary datacentre allowing for rapid recovery. No manual backup plan is required for our subscribers as our hosting is both resilient in use and protected in the event of a disaster.

Datacentre Commitment

Both primary and failover datacentres provides a monthly availability commitment of 99.99%.

Quick Failover Time

The time for any 3CX instance to fail over to our secondary datacentre and resume normal service, once DR has been invoked, is 10 minutes, which is defined by the TTL affecting the 3CX FQDN DNS record required for provisioning. This is reduced to 5 minutes for 3CX Enterprise licences.

Yellowgrid's hosting services are provided by OVH (primary) and Digital Ocean (failover) each providing a minimum SLA of 99.99%.
Customers can refer to the Data Processing Addendum (DPA) found in their Customer Portal.
(*) Yellowgrid's server IP addresses are required to be whitelisted in order to monitor availability, perform backups and to invoke DR as required.
All hosting is located in the UK.


Support Image

We will provide "hands-off" support for all supported 3CX features and provisioning methods. We provide support for CRM integration and third-party tools.

Our internal Service Level Agreement require us to respond to calls within four hours, although response is usually much quicker than this. The standard agreement provides cover during normal business hours of 9:00 until 17:30, Monday to Friday.

Remote Support includes support for the normal operation of 3CX phone system, service pack upgrades and upgrading phone system to new versions and troubleshooting where necessary. Ultimate support responsibility remains with 3CX. Yellowgrid will escalate support tickets to 3CX if the Partner cannot.


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