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Reach more customers, make more money with professional videos branded with your company logo and contact details.

What 3CX Partners Are Saying

The videos are a great resource, especially with the branding. Requesting them through the web portal is simple, quick, and straight forward.

- Midland Telecom

Saves time and effort when it’s done for you. I have mixture of videos on our website and some we have sent out to customers.

- We are Cubo NIBC

Helped with training customers on how to use the 3CX Desktop App and mobile apps. Easy to email out to customers once there done.

- Computer Care

The range of options are impressive to choose from for our customers. The videos help our business sell 3CX.

- Commercial Business Communications

Branded videos are very helpful to us as they make it easier for our customers to understand the product. These videos make our job easier. A Win win.

- Microcare Systems

I love the videos. They reduce time relaying 3CX information to customers. I will be putting them on the website as they help so much with marketing.

- GW Net-Working Ltd

We pick whichever 3CX video suits the customers needs from Yellowgrid’s wide video selection available.

- Fluent Group

The branded videos are invaluable in assisting Sirius to showcase the features and functionality of 3CX, without the often huge investment required to produce this type of media.

- Sirius

The 3CX video service supplied by Yellowgrid has been invaluable to us, providing professional cobranded videos that allow us to supply quick tutorials to customers, in an easy-to-use format on our website.

- Andrew Micallef

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£50.00 per video or FREE when you purchase your licences from us

The 3CX iOS App - Your Flexible Office Extension

The 3CX Android App - Your Flexible Office Extension

New - 3CX Windows Desktop App

Barge In, Listen & Whisper on 3CX V20

Blind Transfer On The 3CX Desktop App V20

Attended Transfer On The 3CX Windows Desktop App V18

Making An External Call On The 3CX Windows Desktop App

Making An Internal Call On The 3CX Windows Desktop App

Setting A Custom Status Message On The 3CX Windows Desktop App

3CX Provided By Yellowgrid

3CX Apps Now Support Video Calling On Fanvil Devices

Installing The 3CX Desktop App

Configuring Office Hours In The 3CX Management Console

How-to Make And Receive Calls On The 3CX Desktop App

Transferring Calls On The 3CX Desktop App

3CX Chat Solutions

Setting Up 3CX Facebook Integration

3CX Reports

3CX Chrome Extension

How-to Integrate A Jabra Headset With The 3CX Browser Extension

3CX Live Chat & Talk

3CX WebMeeting

Barge In, Listen And Whisper On 3CX

Setting Up Video Conference Calls On The 3CX Web Client

Click To Call Extension On 3CX

Changing Forwarding Rules With 3CX

Provisioning An IP Phone To 3CX

How-to Use The 3CX Switchboard

How-to Setup A Remote Extension On 3CX

How-to Use The 3CX Wallboard

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