2023 Recap – Unveiling Yellowgrid’s Milestones


Reflecting on 2023, another year marked by success! Yellowgrid revisit their business achievements and notable milestones. A pivotal year of innovation, connectivity and adapting to the evolving needs of their resellers. This year was characterised by strategic expansion, forging partnerships and embracing opportunities that fuelled their growth in untapped territories. 2023 was an exciting year for Yellowgrid, lets take a look into Yellowgrid’s key milestones.

3CX appointed Yellowgrid as their 3CX Platinum Distributor after continuous dedication towards 3CX Partners. They have long, successful history with 3CX. In 2010 they became a 3CX Partner, before becoming a Solutions Provider in 2019. Since 2019 Yellowgrid’s priority focus has been spent developing solutions to support 3CX Partners across the UK. Solutions like their 3CX Installation Wizard, a revolutionary tool to host 3CX in the cloud automate much of the process, reducing the manual time taken.

With their success, Yellowgrid quickly became the No.1 Solutions Provider and Titanium Partner before being awarded in 2023 with the UK Titanium Partner Status. A great milestone for Yellowgrid.

Their solutions are geared towards ensuring partners success. Every reseller is different with differing capabilities and needs. Yellowgrid have a dedicated team of 3CX certified engineers who place you as priority, providing first line support, and as a result of their great service they now work with over 300 3CX Partners.

3CX Branded Videos was introduced in 2019 to empower 3CX partners to succeed by helping them promote and sell licences. After gaining popularity among UK Partners, 3CX Branded Videos are now resonating with a global audience and are valued by many 3CX Partners worldwide.

Following its successful launch in the USA, 3CX videos have organically gained traction. Some enterprises struggle to allocate sufficient time for effective marketing initiatives, hindering their efforts to raise awareness. The potential of video content remains largely untapped within their strategies.

The technical complexity of 3CX can also be daunting, particularly for new partners and market competition requires partners to differentiate themselves. With the branded video service, partners can leverage the power of professional how-to videos branded with their company details to elevate their brand image, provide superior customer support, and differentiate themselves in the market.

Yellowgrid became a Fanvil Distributor in 2017 and gained the Fanvil UK status in 2018, through fostering and maintaining robust supplier relationships with Fanvil, a cornerstone of Yellowgrid’s ethos. Their dedicated and commitment towards Fanvil VoIP products are UK resellers, has enabled Yellowgrid to sustain their UK master distributor status for the sixth consecutive year. Their consistent efforts and dedication to delivering support to Fanvil resellers, have not only maintained but exceeded their sales targets.

Yellowgrid reached another significant milestone by obtaining the status of Yealink Meeting Rooms Distributor. The landscape of modern meetings is evolving and as a leader within the technology industry, Yellowgrid pioneer powerful transformations. Yealink Meeting Rooms offer integrated solutions and Teams solutions powered by AI powered, increasing the industry standard.

Yealinks meeting solutions provide opportunity for telecommunication resellers to diversify their existing product portfolio and meet the varied marketing demands, whilst staying ahead of the competition.

Looking for more information about Yealink Meeting Rooms and how Yellowgrid, as the UK Distributor can help?

Yellowgrid have a customer portal serving as a centralised platform for resellers to conveniently place their orders, access account details and other tools.

Their portal has recently been re-designed, making it more intuitive, user-friendly and adding further features to enhance the user experience and capabilities. This update, focuses on facilitating 3CX orders. As a 3CX Distributor, one of Yellowgrid’s primary focuses is delivering exceptional service to their 3CX Partners, ensuring a superior experience.