New Distribution Announcement: Yealink Meeting Rooms


Yellowgrid are breaking new ground and are thrilled to introduce the distribution of Yealink Meeting Rooms to resellers. The landscape of modern meetings is evolving, and as a leader within the telecommunication industry, Yellowgrid are continuing to pioneer powerful transformations and deliver innovation solutions to the SME market. Yealink Meeting Rooms offer integrated solutions, engineered to elevate the standard of modern meetings. With a wide range of products and bundles to choose from, it certainly does revolutionise conferencing technology.

Enhancing Connectivity and Collaboration

This distribution initiative is a testament to our commitment to redefining the standards of modern meetings. The world of meetings is evolving, and Yealink is at the forefront of this transformation. By introducing Yealink Meeting Rooms, we are not just distributing a product, but presenting an opportunity for resellers to embrace their fantastic, high quality meeting products, to boost collaboration and not just meet their customers requirements, but exceed them.

Powered by AI Technology

With AI-powered technology, these meeting room systems aim to deliver a more engaging, efficient, and inclusive meeting experience.

Cameras powered by AI: The built-in 4K cameras present innovative features such as auto-framing, speaker tracking, picture-in-picture view and multi-focus framing. With AI, it delivers more collaborative and engaging meetings.

AI based voice: Features enhanced AI noise cancellation is effective for removing unwanted background noises. Developed leveraging deep-learning sound database, to reduce background noises, it this will honestly wow you. This feature is incredible and unlike any other products on the market. It can block out mouse clicks, keyboard clatter and footsteps, door closing, providing no distractions during a meeting call.

Native Integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Amongst the ecosystem for collaboration and communication, one of the most popular meeting tools is Microsoft Teams, which gained immense popularity during the global pandemic. Still arguably the most used by business, with over 250 million users daily, Yealink have got it right by developing their products with native integration. That’s right, their Meeting Rooms portfolio have dedicated products to work reliably and effectively with Teams and Zoom.

With a Dedicated Support Team, Put Your Trust in Us

Empower Your Meetings with Expert Support from Yellowgrid for Yealink Meeting Room Solutions. Our commitment goes beyond mere product sales. We place focus on customer experience. When you choose Yealink Meeting Room solutions from Yellowgrid, you gain more than just technology. Our dedicated support team provides comprehensive end-to-end assistance and guidance. Trust us to offer tailored advice on product suitability, installation, and ongoing support.

Our support team includes Microsoft certified product specialists that can ensure that you have the correct Microsoft office 365 licences to fully leverage the capabilities of these solutions

Our specially trained team at Yellowgrid is here to ensure your experience goes beyond just purchasing a product. We provide dedicated support services that accompany your investment, ensuring your meeting room solutions deliver optimum performance and meet your specific needs.

Yealink have developed many different products to suit all the requirements of SME. Products and bundles will vary depending on a range of factors such as the size of your meeting rooms. We sell different Yealink bundles for Huddle Meeting Rooms, small and large meetings rooms. Feel confident in placing full trust in us to advise on suitability.

Interested or looking for more information?

We are the go to specialist distributor for Yealink Meeting Rooms within the UK and North of England. If you are looking for more information and advise, please contact us at or call 03330144340.