Renewing 3CX Licences Made Easy Through Yellowgrid’s Portal


Yellowgrid have renewed their portal, enhancing its user-friendliness for resellers, and streamlining their operations. This update, focuses on facilitating 3CX orders. As a 3CX Distributor, one of Yellowgrid’s primary focuses is delivering exceptional service to their 3CX Partners, ensuring a superior experience.

The process of renewing a licence through our portal take just 30 seconds. Renew licenses hassle-free with just a few clicks, ensuring uninterrupted service for your clients. There are now two methods of renewing a licence yourself via our portal, either via the 3CX Expiring Keys or the New Order page. Its straightforward, quick and efficient, especially when time is of the essence.

Renewing 3CX Licence Method 1 – New Order

Select New Order on the left navigation bar, then under 3CX select the product called, Renew Licence. When prompted, enter your licence key. The price will be automatically generated. You can adjust how many years you want to renew your licence for. Select add to basket, then follow the checkout process.

Renewing 3CX Licence Method 2 – 3CX Expiring Keys

You can also renew an existing licence via the 3CX Expiring Keys. Our portal holds licences that expire within 90 days, providing accessibility for our partners. Simply select 3CX Expiring Keys, then find the licence key you wish to renew. Select ‘renew licence’. You licence will be added to your basket.

Our portal is designed for your convenience and efficiency in managing 3CX licenses. Renew, purchase, upgrade, or add hosting effortlessly through our user-friendly portal. If you’re a 3CX Partner looking for a trusted Distributor, reach out and experience the benefits:

Easy License Renewals – Renew licenses hassle-free with just a few clicks, ensuring uninterrupted service for your clients.

Simplified Purchases – Buy new licenses or upgrade existing ones swiftly, eliminating delays in catering to your customers’ needs.

Hosting Addition – Easily add Yellowgrid’s Resilient Hosting or 3CX hosting to a new or existing licence.

Maximise your efficiency and optimise your 3CX experience through our intuitive Customer Portal. Access the portal to streamline your operations and elevate your service delivery – Log in to the portal. If you’re not a 3CX Partner aligned, you can align here.

Looking for more information? Please reach out to our sales team at or call 03330144340.