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Changing Forwarding Rules With 3CX

3CX allows users to easily configure their call forwarding rules ensuring customers aren’t left unanswered. Directions 3CX status feature – from the web client, you can choose your status by selecting the status on the top right. Here you will find five statues that can be easily configured to manage incoming call flows to your […]

Mastering the 3CX Web Client

This video will show you the key features you need to be aware of to efficiently communicate, collaborate and connect with colleagues, partners and customers from your browser. Directions Contacts – here you can find all of your contacts and make a call from your browser Status – you can set a custom status message […]

Provisioning an IP Phone to 3CX

Did you know that Fanvil devices are compatible with over 50 international mainstream communication platforms? If you use 3CX, this video may be useful! Take a peak at how you can provision a Fanvil phone to 3CX… Directions Login to the 3CX Web Console Click Extensions then +Add Define the Extension number, First Name and […]

Mastering The 3CX IOS App

The #3CX IOS App allows for seamless communication wherever you are. This video will provide the key 3CX features that you can use to take your communication to the next level! Use the FREE 3CX app to stay connected with colleagues when working remotely or out of the office. App Features Quick and easy setup […]

The All-new Fanvil X7A… Improving Your Communications

Improve your communications with the brand new Fanvil X7A touch-screen IP phone. This high-end device comes equipped with a range of functionalities for intelligent touch operation and video conferencing capabilities. Take a look at the main features of this device… Place your orders today at or call 03330144340. If you are not already a […]

Mastering The 3CX Android App

App Features Quick and easy setup Setting your status to let colleagues know if you’re available Chat function Video calls Voicemail Phonebook Stay connected Directions Quick setup Install the 3CX app from the google play store for FREE. Follow the instructions provided on the app to get started, then simply scan the QR code in […]

How-to Use The 3CX Switchboard

Directions You can access the 3CX Switchboard by navigating to the Switchboard icon on the 3CX Web Client. This is where you can view Queued Calls, the Wallboard and you can also create groups for different call queues, for example, Marketing and Support groups. You can see the status of your colleagues and you can […]

How-to Use The 3CX Wallboard

Directions Select the Switchboard icon on the 3CX Web Client to access the 3CX Wallboard Select Wallboard to access a variety of call statistics On the Wallboard you can view the number of calls waiting, average talk time, the number of answered or abandoned calls, the number of busy agents and total calls. You can […]

How-to Transfer A Call On The 3CX Web Client

Directions Once you have answered a call through the 3CX Web Client you can choose to Transfer a call, initiate a Conference, or Record the call. Select Transfer if you wish to conduct a blind transfer. A pop up box will appear where you can select a name, email, or extension number. Selected the contact […]

How-to Initiate an Audio Conference Call Immediately Using the 3CX Webclient

Directions On the 3CX Management Console, navigate to Settings Select Conferencing Go to the Audio tab In the Options section, enable Call participants when the audio conference starts then click Ok at the top of the page Now that you have enabled call participants when the audio conference starts your audio conference (meeting) will start […]

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