Fanvil Products Compatible with 3CX


Fanvil have established cooperation with over 50 international mainstream communication platforms, providing users with flexibility of choice and a seamless communication experience. Fanvil products are compatible with 3CX. 3CX deliver full PBX solutions with a wide range of compatibility, but did you know that Fanvil are 3CXs preferred IP phones?

Yellowgrid are the No.1 3CX Titanium Partner in the UK and 4th in the rest of the world. We take pride in delivering excellent support and service for seamless compatibility between 3CX and Fanvil. Continue reading this blog to find out which Fanvil devices are officially supported by 3CX.

Supported Fanvil IP Phones

  • Fanvil X210
  • Fanvil X7, X7C & X7A
  • Fanvil X6U, X6
  • Fanvil X5U, X5G, X5S
  • Fanvil X4U, X4G
  • Fanvil X3U, X3SP V2, X3SP, X3SG
  • Fanvil X2P
  • Fanvil H2S, H2U, H3, H5

Supported Fanvil Door Entry Units

  • Fanvil i18S
  • Fanvil i20S
  • Fanvil i23S
  • Fanvil i30
  • Fanvil i31S
  • Fanvil PA2
  • Fanvil iW30

Fanvil door phones/intercoms that are not listed as supported with 3CX, can be made to work using the 3CX compatible provisioning templates. For example, the Fanvil i12 can use the Fanvil i18 provisioning template.

3CX also offer apps which can be used to communicate with colleagues and clients. This is particularly good for hybrid workers, whom may not have an IP phone at hand. Make sure you install and use the:

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