Quick Look at the 3CX Desktop App


The all new 3CX Desktop App is here. Bringing you a brand new version with a sleek user interface for optimal performance, with improved features and elimination of need for the Browser Extension (for Chrome or Edge).

A Quick Video Overview

Installing the App

The Web Client is now packaged as a native Windows app using the same Electron framework used by Teams and WhatsApp. The release of the new version 20 guarantees an impressive and reliable user experience.

To install the 3CX Windows Desktop App, simply log in to the 3CX Web Client and select the Windows icon. A pop up screen will navigate you through the initial steps of installation and provision.

You can choose to keep the desktop app visible on the side of your screen, making it easily accessible whilst working. Identify which colleagues are available to take a call and receive calls and messages from the page you are working in, removing the need to switch between apps.

What does this Desktop App offer?

  • A sleek and modern design delivering a better user experience for all.
  • Improved chat function with contact lookup, chat groups and chat journaling capabilities for live chat and SMS.
  • Chat transcripts can be saved automatically to the CRM on chat ‘dealt with’ if you enable chat journaling.
  • CRM integrations allows you to retrieve contact information based on email or number.

V18 Windows desktop app has been redesigned, raising the bar. Bringing its users with a reliable, up to date design and complete usage flexibility. You will not be disappointed.

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