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Fanvil-GA10 ATA Adapter

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The Fanvil G100S is a VOIP analog telephone adaptor that is a proven solution for VOIP. It is extremely reliable; the small compact and simple interface makes this IP gateway suitable for home users. There are many features on the Fanvil G100S making this product reliable whilst offering great user experience. Firstly, this product allows users to connect their analog devices such as phones to an IP phone system. Some of the basic phone operations this adaptor offers includes being able to call transfer and hold a call. 3 way call conferencing is also a feature that this adaptor supports, it also has a flexible dial plan and has a barring function for outgoing calls. Additionally, it supports SIP 2.0 and correlative RFCs.

For further Fanvil G100S features visit the datasheet.

Warranty: 24 Months Warranty

Number Of Ethernet Ports: 1

SIP Accounts: 1

Number Of FXS Ports: 1