Fanvil door entry units suitable for outdoor usage


The Fanvil door entry range offer intercoms and door phones that are suitable for outdoor usage. These products feature IP65 rating, protecting the units against dust and water. They also feature IK10 ratings, meaning units are vandal resistant and extremely secure, with a robust aluminium design. Fanvils door entry products can adapt to different environments with a wide temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees. This blog will advise which Fanvil models are most suitable for certain environments.

Perfect for outdoor conditions designed with rain hood cover

The below products are Yellowgrids top recommendations for door entry units used in exposed outdoor locations. For example locations with no shelter from rain like an entrance of a building or a monitored warehouse entrance.

  • Fanvil i31S SIP Video Door Phone
  • Fanvil i23S SIP Door Phone
  • Fanvil i18S SIP Video Intercom
  • Fanvil i33V & i33VF SIP Video Intercom

Also suitable for outdoor spaces

The below products are also suitable for usage outside, however, do not have a hooded cover. These products we recommend for areas that are not exposed to direct rain unless placed within a protected cover.

  • Fanvil i32V SIP Video Intercom
  • Fanvil i30 SIP Door Phone
  • Fanvil i20S SIP Door Phone
  • Fanvil i12 SIP Intercom
  • Fanvil i16V SIP Video Intercom

Door entry products for indoor environments

These Fanvil i10 range have IP54 rating, so are protection from small amounts of rain at low pressure and limited dust, however, we only recommend these products for usage indoors. These products also have a slightly different temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees.

  • Fanvil i10 SIP Intercom
  • Fanvil i10V SIP Video Intercom
  • Fanvil i10D SIP Intercom

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