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Fanvil-WF20 WiFi Dongle

Fanvil-WF20 WiFi Dongle

The Fanvil WF20 WiFi Dongle is a dynamic plug-and-play style USB device. It can be implemented within offices to connect IP phones to available wireless networks. It is an ideal office solution for companies looking for affordable and convenient wireless connectivity.

This Wi-Fi dongle is compatible with Fanvil X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/X210i (Only support 2.4GHz/150Mbps) - For X5S/X6/X210/X210i, upgrade to the version of V1.10.10 or higher - For X7/X7C, upgrade to the version of V1.0.10 or higher.

For more information see the Fanvil WF20 Datasheet.


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