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Linkvil W712

Linkvil W712

The Linkvil W712 is a RoIP Gateway with built-in radio and SIP modules, enabling interconnection between analog/digital two-way radios and SIP communication devices. This gateway is an excellent solution for any business or organisation that requires reliable communication.

The Linkvil W712’s intended use case is large areas like stadiums, where stewards would be contacted up to 5km away via RF walkie talkies which in turn would connect to the W712, which would be registered on a PBX extension like 3CX.

This gateway supports seamless compatibility with mainstream IP PBX such as 3CX, allowing stewards to be contacted as if they were an extension on a phone system. It even features call recording capabilities and call logs.

The Linkvil W712 is small, portable, and powerful for easy deployment and maintenance. Overall, it is a versatile device that can reduce equipment costs.

Key Features

  • Integrate 400~470 MHz radio modules to connect the analog/DMR II digital radios
  • Compatible with SIP protocol to connect SIP communication devices
  • High compatibility with Motorola, Hytera and other mainstream analog/digital radios
  • Support HD audio with G.722 and Opus
  • Support USB 2.0 interface and TF card interface for data storage or offline upgrade
  • Supports call recording and call logs for two-way radio and SIP phones
  • Dual Megabit Ethernet for network transmission
  • Supports 12V power supply and PoE
  • Supports web management for devices
  • Linkvil W712 has two installation methods. It can be desktop mounted or wall-mounted


White labelled next day delivery. Emailed dispatch confirmation including MAC addresses and tracking details