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Fanvil-iW30 SIP Speaker

Fanvil-iW30 SIP Speaker

The Fanvil iW30 SIP Speaker is compatible with standard SIP (RFC3261) protocol and main IP PBX/IMS platforms. Easy installation - it supports PoE power supply function and only needs access to the network cable to achieve power supply and data transmission. This speaker is appropriate for business, education, public places and transportation usage.

Function Highlights:

  • All-in-one and wall-mounted design, integrated with network audio codec, digital amplifier and speaker.
  • High quality 30W speaker.
  • Adaptive output power according to the power supply voltage (10W - 30W).
  • Ability to link with IP camera.
  • Volume adjustment via online remotely.
  • Built-in audio output interface for external active speakers.
  • Standard RJ45 port.


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