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Fanvil-i12-N-02 SIP Intercom
Robust SIP Intercom
  • PoE Enabled
  • Weatherproof
  • Tamper-proof

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The Fanvil i12 series SIP intercom devices, carry Fanvil's 10 + years of industrial experience in technology and product design, combining IP technology together with industrial intercoms.

The Fanvil i12-N-02 SIP Intercom features a signal button and can be easily configured for a variety of applications such as banks, schools, museums, cities etc. This intercom provides advanced protection, strictly following the high standards of protection with a rating of IP65 for waterproof and IK10 for anti-collision with a wide temperature adaptability. The intercoms HD audio ensures delivery of clear communication. Its noise reduction capabilities ensures a great user experience with ability to reduce environmental noise, meanwhile, supporting omnidirectional and long-distance voice pickup as far as five meters. The Fanvil i12-N-02 SIP Intercom is PoE enabled and features two short-circuit input interfaces for door phone button and emergency button, and two output circuits for video surveillance and alarm light.

Key Features

  • Dual buttons
  • HD audio and noise reduction
  • Omnidirectional pickup (up to 5 meters)
  • 2 SIP lines
  • Programmable DSS keys
  • Wall mount installation
  • Multi-protection with advanced protection grades such as IP65 and IK10 and a Wide range temperature adaptability from -40 to +70 degrees
  • Anti-tamper and anti-stamp
  • Audio record output interface
  • 2 embedded short circuit input interfaces
  • 2 embedded short circuit output interfaces
  • Auto-answer and voice-message
  • External active speaker
  • High compatibility

Multi-protection with high durability

The Fanvil i12 has a water-proof, dust-proof and striking-proof design to avoid any damage

24 hour monitoring

Great security with ability to monitor 24/7. Supports REC out connect port, connect with audio input port of camera or digital recording equipment

Support two output and two input short circuits

Two output short circuits for video monitoring and alarm light and two input short circuit for emergency button and phone button

The Fanvil i12-N-01 SIP Intercom can be used in different environments

Use the Fanvil i12 can be used in a wide range of environments such as offices, hotels, stadiums, stations, carparks and more.