Yealink WH67: All-in-one Workstation


It has been a few years now since the wireless headsets took over, making headset usage more convenient and comfortable. Forgetting about the cord lets us move around, stand up, walk and even concentrate better. Yealink found a way to improve wireless headsets even more by introducing the WH67, equipped with advanced features, and condensed outlook, reducing the desk space required for the Yealink WH67 placement.

This headset is compatible with 3CX and Teams. One of the main selling features of this headset is that it works seamlessly with 3CX, especially the soft phones Web Client and Desktop App. The Yealink WH67 allows its users to switch between UC and Teams version on either headset model. This is particularly useful if you ever change desk and want to work on another application.

The Yealink WH67 acts as a workstation and allows the user to manage phone calls, connect with multiple devices such as desk phone, mobile phone, and computer. Further, the workstation can also be used as a speakerphone and can charge a mobile phone wirelessly through the WHC60 (purchased separately). The above are just some examples of the many features that this headset has to offer. Continue reading to find out more about the Yealink WH67 highlights.

For an in-depth product review, to learn how the headset works, don’t miss out on our video below.

Wearing Styles

Most wireless headsets have one or two wearing styles, while the Yealink WH67 offers four different options to suit more preferences.

  • Over the ear via ear hook
  • Behind the neck (Includes neckband)
  • Ear tips (Includes different sizes)
  • Over the head – single ear headband


The Yealink WH67 does not only offer extensive variety when it comes to wearing styles, but also offers a variety of connection types. This headset is one of the few that offer both – Bluetooth and DECT connectivity at the same time. It has built-in Bluetooth 4.2 for connection to mobile phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The headset also comes with DECT 6.0 connectivity for phone connections and longer wireless talk range.

Talk Range

The talk range is up to 120m/394feet when using the DECT connection. However, this may change depending on the conditions of your workplace. Barriers like walls, windows, and more that can be found between the wireless headset and the base unit, can weaken the signal and shorten the wireless talk range. Depending on the specific work environment, the users can get more or a bit less than the stated by the manufacturer talk range.

Talk Time

The battery of this headset provides up to 8 hours of talk time, which would be considered for more than enough as this is the length of a typical working day! Additionally, if this time is not enough to the user, the headset can be placed into the charging cradle during breaks or between calls and this would quickly provide extra talk time.

Headset Controls

The controls can be found on the top of the Yealink WH67 and they include volume up, volume down, mute and answer/end the call. A unique feature here is that the volume adjustment is executed by sliding a finger from front to back of the headset. The mute button is also easy to use, since it is on the top of the headset and red, making it very noticeable.


The Yealink WH67 has two microphones to offer. Like any other high-quality headset, the WH67 has noise cancelling microphone and provides clear and loud sound while having the unwanted background noise removed.

Optional Accessories

When it comes to the additional accessories, the busy light (Yealink BLT60) is the highlight here. Once plugged into the base, it will light up red while on a live call. There are also different shapes available – You should refer to our review video placed at the top of this blog, for a clear demonstration of the Yealink BLT60 in use.

Another useful accessory which gives the headset a smart look, is the mobile charger (Yealink WHC60). This attaches to the side of the base, providing an upright position for a mobile phone to be charged.

Key Features

  • 4.0 inch (480 x 800) capacitive touch screen
  • 2 feature buttons
  • 1 Type-A USB 3.0 port
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0 & 2 x Bluetooth devices
  • Integrated busy light LED indicator
  • Built-in hub: 2 Type-A USB 3.0 ports

In the Box

  • Base
  • Headset
  • Earhook & Eartips
  • Headband
  • Neckband
  • Power Adapter
  • 2*1m USB 3.0 Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Busy light BLT60 (Purchase Separately)
  • Wireless Charger (Purchase Separately)
  • Bluetooth Dongle BT50 (Purchase Separately)

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