Top 4 Benefits of the 3CX Installation Wizard


What is the 3CX Installation Wizard? The 3CX Installation Wizard is a revolutionary tool for deploying 3CX to the cloud. Continue reading this short blog to find out the top benefits of this tool.

The 3CX Installation Wizard has been designed with a customer centric focus, with a simplistic user interface for prime experience.

1. Automated Deployment

The 3CX Installation Wizard features automated deployment to automatically build the virtual machine, install 3CX along with the submitted config 24/7.

2. White Labelled

Designed with a white labelled interface. It can be branded using your domain name e.g. The tool can also feature your logo, allowing you to collaborate with your customer by confidently sharing the Installation Wizard with them. This is particularly useful for distributing information collection effectively.

3. Simplifying

The Wizard assists you with essential information collection, creating a swift completion. It removes much of the technical requirements, avoiding ‘key man’ dependency.

4. Project Management

3CX projects can be monitored centrally via your customer portal anytime, anywhere. Automated email reminders are generated for incomplete projects, which can be shared with your customer.

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