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Setting up video conference calls on the 3CX Web Client

Do you spend time and money travelling for business meetings? Perhaps you need to try video conferencing with 3CX Web Client.


  • Navigate to the WebMeeting tab. Then when prompted, add your participants name and email address.
  • Alternatively copy the meeting link and send directly to the participants via the 3CX chat. It’s as simple as that.

The following video conference functions are available:

  • Share your screen
  • Start a presentation
  • Create a poll
  • Use the whiteboard
  • Start a face to face meeting with colleagues or clients

This is all accessible without downloading any plugins.

If you need to schedule a video conference just navigate to the Schedule Conference tab in the 3CX Web Client. Select video, add the relevant details such as the date and time and then add the participants. An email will then be sent to the participants with conference details and a joining link.

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