Provisioning an IP Phone to 3CX


Did you know that Fanvil devices are compatible with over 50 international mainstream communication platforms? If you use 3CX, this video may be useful! Take a peak at how you can provision a Fanvil phone to 3CX…


  • Login to the 3CX Web Console
  • Click Extensions then +Add
  • Define the Extension number, First Name and Email Address as a minimum
  • Click Ok at the top of the page to finish
  • Select Phones and identify the unprovisioned phone in bold by its MAC address
  • Now choose the phone and click Assign Ext to assign the phone to an extension
  • Select the extension required, then click OK
  • You will be taken to the Phone Provisioning tab automatically. Click OK on the top of the page
  • The Fanvil phones configuration will be provisioned and the phone will reboot automatically

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