Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway & Why Your Business Needs One


Effective communication is crucial for any business or organisation’s success. Whether you’re in community security, industrial parks, supermarkets, hospitality, or campus security, having a reliable communication system is a must. That’s why Linkvil, has released its latest product, the Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway.

The W712 RoIP gateway is a device that allows for great interconnection between analog/digital two-way radios and SIP communication devices. It comes with built-in radio and SIP modules that make it compatible with mainstream analog/DMRII digital two-way radios. Plus, it is small, portable, and powerful, making it easy to deploy and manage.

This gateway has an impressive range of 1km – 3km. The range is dependent on the environment and surroundings. This device is suitable for businesses operating in community security, industrial parks, supermarkets, hospitality, campus security. It is a device that will optimise the reliability and extend the coverage of radio communication across large areas using IP networks.

Interconnection between Different Communication Systems

The W712 RoIP gateway integrates the radio module in UHF 400-470 MHz and adopts the SIP standard protocol. It is compatible with most mainstream IP PBX, for example 3CX, making it easy to realise the interconnection between analog/DMRII digital intercom and SIP communication devices. This means you can use your existing communication devices and still take advantage of the W712 RoIP gateway’s capabilities.

Linkvil W712 Product Features

With its plug and play feature, the W712 RoIP gateway is easy to set up and manage. It’s similar in size to a router, so it’s small and portable. You can deploy and manage it through the web page, making it easy to manage remotely.

One of the most exciting features of the W712 RoIP gateway is its call recording capabilities. It comes equipped with USB and TF card interfaces that support up to 128G of capacity, allowing you to record calls for future reference.

Another great feature of the W712 RoIP gateway is its ability to be used as a small IP PBX. It features SIP hotspot and can be used as the IP PBX in small-sized scenarios, saving you more equipment cost.

The W712 RoIP gateway supports one connection of analog/DMRII digital radio and one connection of SIP call, enabling real-time communication between the management centre and staff. Plus, it supports group calls between analog/digital intercom and SIP phones, allowing for communication and dispatching of all team members from the monitoring centre.

RoIP Gateway Vs Router – Key Differences

Fanvil’s RoIP gateway is designed with a primary purpose of connecting to radio equipment to an IP network. This enables businesses to use radio dispatch, interoperability, and extending radio coverage over large areas using IP networks. RoIP gateway use protocols specific to radio communication SIP (session initiation protocol) to convert signals into IP packets for transmission over an IP network.

In comparison, a router is a general network device that routes data within a network between networks. For example, connecting a local network to the internet. Routers use IP (Internet Protocol), TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), to route and manage data packets between different networks.

Wondering which you need? Determining this depends on several things. Ask yourself the following three questions:

What are my communication requirements?

Do i have existing radio systems?

What are my networking needs?

Asking these questions can help you make an informed decision about what is best for your business. Some businesses may require both an RoIP gateway and a router for comprehensive communications. If your infrastructure integrates both radio communication and IP networks, with also using standard network functions, you may need both. If you would like more advice we have a team of helpful tech experts. Contact us on 03330144340 or email

In conclusion, the Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway is an excellent solution for any business or organisation that requires reliable radio coverage across large areas. It’s small, portable, and easy to manage, making it perfect for any scenario. With its call recording capabilities and ability to be used as a small IP PBX, it’s a versatile device that can save you equipment costs. Invest in the W712 RoIP gateway today and revolutionise your communication system.