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Introducing The Fanvil V Series


Introducing the brand new Fanvil V Series! Bringing you a whole new series of phones, offering a new approach to intelligent business communication and a refreshed user experience to level up your communication. Keep your eyes peeled for the Fanvil V65, Fanvil V64 and Fanvil V62 releases coming very soon!

Release of the Fanvil V67

This January 2022, we welcome the release of the brand new Fanvil V67. The Fanvil V67 is Fanvil’s innovative smart Android video IP phone.

Delivering advanced functionalities for an all-in-one communication solution, this new phone stands out from the rest! It is perfect for executives and office managers and runs on the Android 9.0 operating system, providing a smart and reliable user experience with accessible third-party app usage.

Trendy Lighting

The flow lighting not only makes the phone look more modern but also improves your work efficiency as a status indicator.


Antibacterial material of the handset and keypad surface effectively inhibits more than 99.5% of bacteria growth. This phone helps protect your health during the special period.

Adjustable Touchscreen

Tired of seeing reflection? The adjustable touch screen is flexible and can be altered to the different angles users require. Adjust it smoothly to different viewing angles in different lighting environments. Featuring a built-in HD 5-megapixel camera, the V67 delivers an enjoyable communication experience.

Audio/Video Mixed Conferencing

The Fanvil V67 supports 10-party audio conferencing, including up to 2-party video call or 3-party video conferencing. This provides high-efficient team communication and collaboration.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Wireless, Limitless

Don’t limit yourseld in the seat! Stand up and continue your work with a wireless V67 phone and wireless Bluetooth headset. You can enjoy your video conference on a bigger screen via Miracast.

We are offering customers 10% off their first Fanvil V67 purchase. This NFR offer ends at the end of January 2022.

Any resellers taking advantage of this NFR promo are encouraged to share a post of their Fanvil V67 install on LinkedIn and tag the following company pages: @YellowgridDistribution |  @FanvilUK Those resellers who share a post will receive 1x FREE Fanvil V67 for every 10 ordered during 2022!

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