The 3CX Installation Wizard – Deploying 3CX Licences to the Cloud


The 3CX Installation Wizard is a revolutionary tool for deploying your 3CX licences to the cloud. Anywhere. Anytime. Available to any 3CX partner affiliated with Yellowgrid.

This tool has a customer centric focus, with its white labelled interface, allowing users to brand it using their companies domain name and company logo. This is attractive to our 3CX Partners who can easily collaborate with their customers effectively using their own branding.

3CX Installation Wizard – A Walk-through

24/7 access anywhere, anytime

The progress of your 3CX projects can be monitored centrally via your customer portal at anytime, from anywhere. This powerful Wizard has been designed to make your life easier! It revolutionizes the information gathering exercise required for every 3CX installation, and automates the build process doing much of the hard work for you. With information tips along the way, this tool is as simple as it gets. We send out automated weekly email reminders for incomplete projects, which can be forwarded on to your customers.

White Labelled

This data capturing tool can be white labelled to display your URL and logo. To white label the Wizard, in the customer portal under account preferences, you will want to set your logo, specify a c-name and select your brands colour. The design allows you to share the Wizard with your customer who can access it via a URL like Your customer can then provide you with the following information:

  • Extension Numbers
  • Extension Names
  • Extension Email Addresses
  • SBC IP Details
  • Fanvil phone allocation
  • DDIs
  • IVRs
  • Groups
  • Office Hours
  • Voicemails
  • Call Forwarding

Relevant information has been gathered

Once the Wizard is complete, you will receive a summary of the supplied configuration which can be saved as a PDF. This summary page will notify you of any required information that has not been completed.

You can submit 24/7 and your 3CX instance will be built, with much of the supplied configuration created automatically and a task list for the remaining dial plan. Once complete, a link to the 3CX Management Console will appear and an email will be sent providing secure access to the admin credentials. All extensions are created and phones automatically associated, with provisioning method defined.

  • The SBCs will be automatically created
  • SIP trunk will be created, along with its DDIs
  • Inbound and outbound rules will be created
  • Office hours defined
  • Emergency numbers created

Looking for more information?

You can speak with one of our 3CX certified engineers. Simply call 0333014430 or email

The 3CX Installation Wizard is just one, of a range of benefits, for 3CX Partners aligned with Yellowgrid!