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Blog - How-To Setup EHS On Your Fanvil Device

This blog provides you with information to successfully setup EHS on your Fanvil device.

Do you know how to setup EHS? The following video will show you how to connect your wireless headset to your phone step by step:

Step 1

    • Connect the single cable to the headset port on the back of the phone.

Step 2

  • Connect the larger connector to the AUX/EHS port on the headset base.
  • Connect the smaller connector to the telephone port on the headset base.

Step 3

  • On the phone go to: Menu – Features – EHS and change to PLANTRONICS.
  • Alternatively, from the web interface, go to phone settings- audio, and change EHS type to PLANTRONICS.


  • EHS should now work on your Fanvil telephone.

If you’re still having issues connecting your wireless headset then do not hesitate to contact our office on 0333 014 4340.


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