How-to Setup a Remote Extension Within 2 Minutes on 3CX


A quick and easy way to setup a remote extension on 3CX. Take a look at this video or read through the guidelines below.


  1. On the 3CX Management Console, navigate to Extensions
  2. Select the Add icon
  3. Input the users Extension number, First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  4. Click Ok
  5. The user will now appear on the Extensions list. Select the user by selecting the square located on the left then select Send Welcome Email
  6. The new user will receive an email instantly from 3CX regarding their extension details
  7. A URL is provided to access the 3CX Web Client along with a user name and password
  8. Log into the 3CX Web Client using the account details provided in the email
  9. This extension is now set up and can make calls to colleagues and external contacts

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