How-To Setup A Fanvil I30s Door Phone


This video provides you with all the information needed to successfully setup a Fanvil I30s door phone.

    Step 1 – Plug in the door phone
  • Slide the rear casing downwards to expose the case screws.
  • Once the rear casing is removed connect your network cable.
    • Step 2 – Connect the door phone to the door lock
  • Use this wiring diagram for details –
    • Step 3 – Find the IP address
  • You can hold the hash key down for three seconds and the door phone will announce its IP address.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Idoor phone network scanner –
    • Step 4 – Configure the door phone
  • Use a web browser to browse to the IP address in order to configure it.
  • You need to now register your door phone on an extension on your PBX. Go to – Line – SIP – Basic Settings and enter your SIP registration details.
    • Step 5 – Configure the DSS Key
  • Go to – Function Key and enter the number you want to be dialled.
    • Step 6 – Configure the DTMF passcode
  • Go to – EGS Settings and enter your desired passcode into the remote password field.
    • Step 7 – Add an RFID card (if necessary)
  • Go to – EGS Settings and change the card reader working mode to ‘Card Issuing’. Remember to click apply.
  • Present the RFID card to the card reader on the Fanvil door phone.
  • Go to – EGS access on the web interface. The ID of your card should appear. You can then create an access rule for the user of the card.
  • Once you have added all of your RFID cards, return to the EGS settings and change the card reader working mode to normal.
    • Result
  • The Fanvil I30s door phone should now be setup successfully.
  • If you’re still having trouble setting up a Fanvil I30s door phone do not hesitate to give our office a call on 0333 014 4340.