How-to Enable Video On A Fanvil C600


Do you need to enable video on a Fanvil C600?

This blog will show you how to enable video on a Fanvil C600 step by step.


    Step 1 – Find and copy the main stream URL
  • On the web interface go to EGS settings – video and under RTSP information copy the main stream URL.
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      Step 2– Add an action plan to enable video on your Fanvil C600
  • On the web interface go to: phone – action plan and under ‘action plan add’, you need to fill in the relevant details where digit map is the extension of your door phone.
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    There are two ways you can configure video display on your Fanvil C600 using action plans.

      1st option
  • Set the action plan type to ‘connected’, this follows the same behaviour as the Fanvil X6 where you can see the video once the call is connected.
  • Change the direction from ‘incoming calls’ to ‘both’. This allows the action plan to work on both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Paste the RTSP stream URL (copied from the EGS settings of the door phone) into the URL field.
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      2nd Option – The Fanvil C600 has a useful capability that enables you to see the video before answering the call. This is called ‘early’.
  • Set the action plan type to ‘early’.
  • Set the direction to ‘both’.
  • Paste the RTSP URL.
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    Video on the Fanvil C600 should now be enabled, if you are still having trouble enabling this feature please do not hesitate to give our office a call on 0333 014 4340.