Custom Faceplate Printing for the Fanvil H1, H3, H3W Hotel IP Phones


Create your customised faceplate template.

The Fanvil H1, H3 & H3W Hotel IP phones are smart and affordable, equipped with full functions to deliver excellent hospitality services. The phones have two colours available (white & black) and have 6 programmable keys for service hotline, such as housekeeping and food. It also features hotel considerate services such as morning calls and voice messages.

The Fanvil H3W features built in 2.4G WiFi making installation easy, without the limitations cabling can cause. The Fanvil H3 & H3W have superb voice quality and a fresh appearance. For more product information please take a look at the phones datasheet and user manuals.

The process and costs

The Fanvil H1, H3, H3W & H4 come with a removable faceplate that can be customised for the hotel where it will be deployed. The faceplate can be any colour and the hotel logo can be printed on the faceplate, along with any custom icons and words.

Use this quick online form to create your faceplate template (PDF).

Typically, there is a lead time of two weeks for manufacturing and delivery once the final proof has been approved. For any single order over 200 units, this custom printing will be done free of charge.  For any smaller quantities, there is a one off fee of £200 to produce these faceplates.

If you’re wishing to place an order, please complete this online form to create your faceplate template (PDF) and send to