Promotional Offer: Recieve a FREE Fanvil WF20 WiFi Dongle and 5V Power Supply With Your Fanvil X6U Purchase


We are offering you the chance to recieve a FREE Fanvil WF20 Wi-Fi Dongle and a 5V power supply, with every Fanvil X6U purchase. This offer is only available until the 31st December 2020, so make sure those orders are in before this time to take advantage.

The Fanvil WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle can be used to connect the Fanvil X6U to a wireless network for wireless VoIP connectivity at home. This removes the need for multiple cables.

Fanvil X6U Key Features:

The Fanvil X6U features 12 x 5 DSS keys which allows users to see availability of colleagues before calling or transfering a call. This feature is particularly useful whilst working from home.

Please refer to this promotion when placing your order.