First Ever Company to reach 3CX Platinum Partner in Month 1


Yellowgrid are the first company to surpass the revenue requirements for a 3CX Platinum Partner in 1 month, cementing their position as the No.1 3CX Titanium Partner in the UK and 3rd in the rest of the world!

We are a channel only focussed 3CX Solutions Provider, assisting 3CX Partners with financial, technical and marketing support to ensure success. We are very proud of our 3CX achievements and have our knowledgeable and reliable team to thank. We are extremely dedicated and passionate about what we do, which is why we are the best. We always put our customers first and invest in their needs.

Our customers see that we care and listen to their needs. We are continuously innovating to improve our current services and implement new solutions that benefit our customers, making their lives easier. Our 3CX Installation Wizard is a prime example of this. A revolutionary tool that deploys 3CX to the cloud. This tool is designed with a customer centric focus featuring a user intuitive interface, available to any of our 3CX Partners that wish to utilise it.

Benefits of Aligning with Yellowgrid as your 3CX Solutions Provider

Yellowgrid invest in their customers. We devote our effort towards ensuring our 3CX Partners receive the best service they can get.

Our support is top of the game

The support we provide is outstanding, you won’t receive support like it elsewhere. Our 3CX certified engineers dedicate time to help solve your queries, whatever partner level status you’re at. We operate in an efficient way to supply honest and transparent information, a reason why our customers trust us. Our customers gain from knowledge transfer helping them build their confidence in their services.

We take pride in providing resellers with an end to end solution, with easy to deploy and an out of the box VoIP solution for their customers. Yellowgrid also have a portfolio of additional tools that all their 3CX partners can benefit from, enabling them to reach their goals effortlessly:

  • 5% off Fanvil products when purchased alongside a 3CX license
  • PBX Hosting
  • 3CX Installation Wizard
  • 3CX customised videos

How does Yellowgrid’s PBX Hosting work?

  • Our hosting supports all features of the 3CX phones system
  • All hosting comes with 100GB storage as standard
  • We maintain 5 days of snapshots
  • We backup the config to another datacentre
  • We image backup to another datacentre for rapid migration in the event of a disaster
  • We synchronise recordings real time to another data centre

One of the advantages of using our hosting is that you can use our 3CX Installation Wizard to gather all customer data and automatically deploy and configure 3CX requiring no engineering input.

Are there any additional charges for 3CX customised videos?

Absolutely not! The 3CX customised video service is completely free. Purchase licences and receive videos… it’s as simple as that!

Our customised 3CX video service provides professional videos to our customers. This services stakes a strategic approach that helps resellers source marketing materials to stand out, reach and acquire their leads effortlessly. Outsourcing video content from agencies is costly. With our video service you remove this hassle, saving a heft amount of money. All videos are branded with a logo of your choice. Simply request a video and download. From point of video request, 3CX videos take up to 7 working days to customise. We are also always looking to better out services, therefore, we do take on board customers video requests.

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