Fanvil Set To Disrupt The UK SIP Phone Market


Until recently Fanvil’s main penetration into the UK market has been by primarily providing white labelled SIP endpoints to the larger ITSPs

Since the release of their popular X series IP phones, they are aggressively targeting the UK market and providing a compelling proposition to SIP installers

Fanvil have spent a lot of time working with PBX manufacturers like Asterisk, 3CX, Yeastar, PortaOne, Broadsoft, Elastix, Epygi etc to ensure that their phones are fully compatible with their on premise and hosted VoIP phone systems


“The combination of 3CX and Fanvil’s IP phones, create a cost effective end-to-end telephony solution for all businesses.  With the successful completion of the Interop test with V15.5, users can enjoy the benefits of Fanvil’s X series IP Phones along with the new features that V15.5 has to offer.  3CX resellers now have more supported IP phones to compete with, offering a low cost yet high quality solution” – Nick Borg, Product Manager 3CX

The whole Fanvil range are modern looking phones with colour screens

Crucially they offer an entry level phone with gigabit support in the Fanvil X3G which allows installers to provide gigabit phones for a modest price



So that’s:

  • Gigabit
  • Colour Screen
  • PoE
  • Modern looking phone
  • Fully supported by the leading PBX manufacturers
  • Aggressive price point

The X4 series and above also offers a second screen that provides the ability to provision 30 BLF that the user can scroll through


 For more information contact 0333 014 4340