Fanvil i10S Series: The Mini Solution to Your Communication Needs


Looking for a communication device that is small yet powerful? Fanvil’s i10S series intercoms might just be what you need! These mini SIP intercoms pack a punch, integrating access control, audio/video intercom, and broadcasting functionalities all in one device. With the ability to be wall-mounted, they’re perfect for a variety of indoor settings.

Experience exceptional audio quality with the i10S series. Supporting HD audio codec protocols G.722 and Opus, these intercoms offer top-notch performance. Plus, the built-in audio line out interface means you can play background music when connected with an active speaker.

If video communication is a must-have, the i10SV is the answer. Featuring a built-in 2M camera that supports up to 1080P resolution, it can make video calls with IP phones or other devices that support video decoding.

With an IP54 protection grade, the i10S series is dustproof and waterproof, making it the perfect choice for a range of indoor scenarios. And with an operation temperature range from -20°C to -50°C, these intercoms can be used in various environments.

With rich extension features like the ability to call via defining the DSS key, open the door via connecting the short circuit output interface with an electric lock, and trigger the IPC to record or the alarm indicator with the short circuit output interface, the i10S series is versatile and practical. They’re ideal for different settings, including hotel bathrooms, nursing homes, schools, office entrances, apartment buildings, and even supermarkets.

Managing the i10S series is a breeze. You can configure them via embedded web and auto provisioning via Fanvil FDMS, reducing operation and maintenance costs. Don’t settle for less. Choose the Fanvil i10S series for top-notch communication experience.