Fanvil H5W & H3W – Effortless Communication


Fanvil H5W and H3W are cutting-edge IP phones that make communication effortless in any location, without the need for messy cables. Originally designed for hotels, these phones also work perfectly in shopping centres, supermarkets, and other settings. They provide an elegant design, superb voice quality, and seamless integrated communication.

Fanvil H5W and H3W come with built-in Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity and crystal-clear conversations. You can install these phones anywhere in the room, unrestricted by cables. The sound quality is exceptional, thanks to their support for G.722 and Opus codecs.

The primary distinction between Fanvil H5W and H3W lies in the video capabilities. H5W supports H.264 video decoding, enabling users to preview video images before granting access. Additionally, the H5W is equipped with a vibrant 3.5″ colour screen display, allowing users to personalize the information displayed using the IP phone’s management platform. On the other hand, H3W offers a customizable information panel, catering to those who do not require video or a colour screen.

Both phones offer six programmable soft keys that you can set up for various services like housekeeping, ticketing, switchboard, and more. They also come with convenient hotel features such as morning calls and voice messages, making them an all-in-one solution for hospitality businesses.

Notably, Fanvil H3W and H5W operate using a hotspot configuration. Multiple phones can share a single number from the server, and each phone has its own extension number for easy contact, call transfers, and conference calls.

Fanvil H5W and H3W WiFi IP phones offer simplicity, outstanding voice quality, and versatile features. With their wireless connectivity and integrated capabilities, these phones are perfect for seamless communication in any setting.