Fanvil FH-S01 Ceiling Speaker


Whether you are looking for inexpensive multi-room audio system or a discrete home theatre speaker, Fanvil FH-S01 can meet your needs. And if you are not certain about the sound quality or if this is the right choice for music – the answer is ‘YES’ and this blog will explain why.

Fanvil FH-S01 is a SIP ceiling speaker which supports up to 10 multicast zones with prioritisation. Even though this is the first product of its kind introduced by Fanvil, it offers a variety of functionalities such as paging, multicasting, scheduled broadcasting, and many others. All these features along with background music playing and emergency notifications, turn Fanvil FH-S01 into the ideal speaker for a wide variety of indoor venues such as schools, office buildings, hotels, retail stores, stations and many more.

Continue reading this blog to learn how to use Fanvil FH-S01 as a solution for your business! But first, lets talk more about its functionalities and how a product with such a simplistic design has so much to offer.

Main features that make Fanvil FH-S01 efficient and practical

1. Integrated Coaxial-Driver Technology

Produces excellent full-range sound, great choice for cost and ease of installation.

2. Built-in Digital Signal Processor

Takes real-world signals like voice, audio, temperature, or position that have been digitised and then mathematically manipulate them.

3. Digital Amplifier

Converts an incoming analogue signal into a digital representation of pulse widths.

4. High Performance with MP3 Broadcasting

The Fanvil FH-S01 also supports MP3 broadcasting with a sampling rate or 44.1KHz with wideband audio codec G.722, Opus and up to 20W audio power. All of which allows the speaker to deliver crystal clear sound at a distant range.

5. Talk back with its Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone

This ceiling speaker is the perfect solution for venues like schools and factories with its support for talkback, featuring a built-in omnidirectional microphone, that enables users to conveniently communicate with the caller. This feature becomes particularly useful in a case of an emergency.

6. Notification Altering for Emergency

The Fanvil FH-S01 considers the safety of people if an emergency occurs. Users have the opportunity to add and customise emergency notifications, allowing you to deal with emergencies effectively. It provides flexible connection to smoke sensor, door sensor according to the needs and an emergency button. Users can deal with emergencies with the help of WAV file for emergency notification and alarm.

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