Choosing the Right Fanvil X3 IP Phone!


Entry Level IP Phones

Fanvil have four Fanvil X3 IP phones to choose from. Options range from
the Fanvil X3SW, Fanvils WiFi enabled option, the Fanvil X3SP V2,
X3SG and X3U. This blog will discuss the key differeces

This blog is dedicated to exploring the similarities and differences between three popular Fanvil VoIP phones: X3SP-V2, X3SW, X3SG, and X3U. We constantly receive enquiries about the differences and the ideal choice amongst the various X3 models. Therefore, we believe it’s the right time to dedicate our attention to providing more detailed information on the topic.

FeaturesFanvil X3SP V2Fanvil X3SWFanvil X3UFanvil X3SG
GigabitNo GigabitNo GigabitGigabitGigabit
Display2.4 inch colour display2.4 inch colour display2.8 inch colour display2.8 inch colour display
WiFiNo WiFiBuilt in WiFiNo WiFiNo WiFi
Programmable Keys003 0
SIP Lines4464
EHS Wireless HeadsetYesYesYesYes
HD AudioYesYesYesYes
Conference3-way audio conference6-way audio conference3-way audio conference3-way audio conference
Power Supply (PSU)PSU optional extraComes with PSUPSU optional extraPSU optional extra
IP ModeIPv4IPv4 & IPv6 IPv4 & IPv6 IPv4

Each phone offers unique features and functionalities. Understanding the distinctions among these models will help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the details and discover which Fanvil X3 phone suits your needs best.

The three models look very similar and have similar features as well but when comparing the Fanvil X3SPV2, X3SG, X3SW and X3U VoIP phones, several key features distinguish them from one another.

Fanvil X3SP V2 is renowned as the quintessential and cost-effective model provided by Fanvil. The X3SG, on the other hand, represents the Gigabit iteration of the same model. And lastly, Fanvil X3U, a notable member of the XU series, bears striking resemblance to the X3SG with its Gigabit capabilities, while elevating the user experience with added advancements, such as the inclusion of on-screen programmable buttons that could be used as line keys, BLF’s etc.

If you are looking for a WiFi enabled handset, the Fanvil X3SW is the one, featuring built-in WiFi! This handset is not PoE. It comes with a power supply.

These key distinctions typically serve as guiding factors to assist our valued customers in making an informed decision. Nevertheless, if you find yourself seeking further clarification and a deeper understanding of each individual model and the unique qualities that set them apart from the other two options, then please continue reading…

In terms of display, the X3SG and X3U benefit from larger displays both featuring 2.8 inch colour displays, providing a visually appealing interface for easy navigation making it ideal for businesses that prioritize visual clarity. Meanwhile, the X3SP-V2 and X3SW feature a 2.4 inch colour screen display.

Another notable difference lies in the supported IP protocols. Both the X3SP-V2 and X3SG support the IPv4 protocol, ensuring compatibility with most network infrastructures. However, the X3SW and X3U goes a step further by supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. This broader protocol support makes the X3U future-proof, enabling seamless integration into advanced network environments.

While all four models support EHS wireless headsets, enhancing convenience and productivity, the X3SP and X3U offer an extended feature set. The X3SP-V2 and X3SW support up to four SIP accounts, allowing users to handle multiple lines with ease. On the other hand, the X3U boasts six SIP lines, catering to businesses with more extensive communication needs.

All three models provide HD audio, ensuring crystal-clear sound during calls. They support G.722 and Opus wideband codecs. The wider codec support delivers an immersive HD audio experience in both high and low network bands.

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