3CX WebMeeting


3CX WebMeeting is a web conferencing and collaboration solution. It transforms your communication, collaboration and productivity whilst also reducing travel costs. This integrated video conferencing solution is an app-free collaboration tool, with no extra downloads and sign ups required. Simply join via your browser.


  • With the 3CX WebMeeting you can share ideas or send PDF files to meeting participants using the text chat and file transfer.
  • Share your screen to the call participants using the start sharing tab. This is an idea feature for pitching new ideas, training customers and staff and boosting your customer service.
  • Use the whiteboard feature which is useful for demonstrations, making information easier to understand.
  • Start a poll to boost productivity and gather opinions and feedback swiftly. Participants can also offer feedback with reactions by selecting the hand icon.

Yellowgrid are 3CX Solutions Providers, supporting 3CX Partners. For those 3CX Partners affiliated with Yellowgrid we are happy to customise any of our videos with your branding.

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Choose us as your 3CX Solutions provider. If you wish to find out more you can book a FREE 3CX consultation – sales@yellowgrid.co.uk | 03330144340