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Fanvil X3SW inc Power Supply
Entry-Level WiFi IP Phone
  • 2.4 inch (320 x 240) Colour-screen LCD
  • 2 DSS Keys
  • 10/100 Mbps

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More Information

The Fanvil X3SW is an entry level wireless SIP desk phone, providing a reliable and high-quality experience for phone uses. Featuring built-in 2.4G WiFi creating optional ways of connecting to the network, with fewer wires for easy and flexible deployment. It is a suitable handset choice for multiple enterprise scenarios, with a 2.4 inch high resolution colour display and 6-way audio conference, it improves the efficiency of collaboration.

The Fanvil X3SW WiFi Phone has high compatibility with over 50 international mainstream communication platforms such as 3CX, Jabra, Mintel, Plantronics, Yeastar . This is a good quality phone if you're looking for entry-level convenient features.

Key Features

  • Built-in 2.4G WiFi
  • HD audio quality with a built in 3W speaker and noise reduction
  • 4 SIP lines
  • Two line keys can be configured as DSS keys, enabling users to achieve functions in one click
  • Easy to use and simple installation with fewer cables
  • High reliability and high compatibility
  • 6-way conference audio calls
  • Stylish/modern outlook and easy operation
  • Supports EHS
  • Adjustable stand with 2 angles of 45 and 50 degrees
  • Cost effective
  • 10/100Mbps
  • Wide compatibility with over 50 mainstream communication platforms

Built-in 2.4G WiFi

Easy and flexible deployment using the phones built-in WiFi