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The Fanvil PA3 can achieve real-time MP3 broadcasting and one-touch intercom when connecting to external devices. It features HD audio and a function-rich interface, making it a great choice to DIY the integrated broadcasting solution for environments such as campuses, shopping malls, railway stations, office buildings, etc.
The Fanvil PA3 has been designed for usage within small spaces, making it suitable for locations with limited space.
Key Features

  • MP3 Broadcasting
  • Supports USB or TF card Connectivity Max to 32G
  • HD video linkage with Fanvil VoIP phones that support cameras
  • 2 SIP lines
  • Interfaces: 1x speaker and 1x microphone, 1x audio in and 1x audio out
  • 2x Interfaces of Programmable Keys with Indicator Light
  • 1x Blue LED Status Indicator Light
  • Supports PoE (Class 4)
  • Support Desktop and Wall-mounted Mode

SIP Accounts: 2