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We were looking for an IT Company committed to delivering our needs efficiently and effectively. Our contract with our existing IT Company was about to expire. At this point I contacted Yellowgrid and arranged a meeting with them to discuss our requirements.

Yellowgrid carried out a full audit of our not so new systems and implemented the necessary changes and updates to provide a more efficient solution for our working needs and also prolonging the useful life of our existing equipment.

The company is not only very competitive from a cost point of view, it also delivers what it promises to. The team promote sound products and systems and have recommended and implemented the best for our company needs. Expertise, reliability and efficiency are paramount in a good business relationship and this is what they deliver. Well done Yellowgrid!

Bolton Marshall - Chartered Surveyors

Gina Irving, Practice Manager

We used Yellowgrid in May of 2015 to upgrade our Telephone system to 3CX.

We found Craig and the team very responsive to our needs and calls.

They displayed a high level of technical expertise throughout and we will use their services in the future

JFC Plastics

Paddy O'Toole, IT Manager

Yellowgrid have provided the Junair group of companies with IT Support for some time. When we embarked on a project to offer a secure, remote diagnostics service to our customers Yellowgrid were the obvious choice to help us understand what the requirements would be.

Following an initial meeting with them, we were able to move forward with our own internal R&D knowing that the technology was available to support the new service. In addition to providing the network design and implementation, they also provided us with the fixed and variable costs involved, along with internal software systems that allow us to efficiently monitor and manage events.

Yellowgrid have always demonstrated not just a commitment to managing our IT Systems but offer a more holistic solution, which ethic is upheld by their competent, friendly engineers.

Junair - Manufacturing

Alex Westwell, Finance Director

We have been using Yellowgrid since 2011 and have found their service to be excellent. We recently went through a whole system change with a new server and new computers,and found their service absolutely flawless and would definitely recommend their services

Fairway Legal Expenses

Mohammed Waheed, Director

We have used Yellowgrid since our customer service centre opened. Yellowgrid recommended to us the 3cx telephone system that utilised the latest technology. Not only do we find it very cost effective it has also grown smoothly with our business over the past twelve months and has enough room for expansion without any further significant capital expenditure. Yellowgrid are our go to people for all of our tech needs and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Nexus National Security Network

Marc Stanton, Managing Director

We had an existing Hyper-V environment serving two companies. Following the sale of one of the companies, we needed to separate our technology. Having supported us for some time, we organised a meeting with Yellowgrid to discuss our plans.

An initial summary of tasks was drawn up followed by a detailed project plan and proposed network diagrams. Given the time constraints and requirement for zero down time, knowing that the project had been adequately thought out and planned was re-assuring.

Over the following weeks, we purchased a new server, switch and firewall following advice from Yellowgrid.

The server was setup with Server 2012 and Hyper-V and the none critical VMs were migrated.

Following a further planning day, we scheduled a date to separate the two networks. This task was scheduled to start on a Friday at 5pm. The task was completed the following day. My faith in Yellowgrid was proved on Monday when everything just worked!

Document Management Technology Ltd

Ruban Rajasooriyar, Managing Director

We required an IT Support company in which we could have confidence in, particularly as our primary server needed replacing.

Yellowgrid migrated all our data to a new server as planned with a minimum of disruption.

Since the migration we have not experienced any issue with our new server.

Yellowgrid are very competent and helpful and continue to deal with any IT issues quckly and efficiently.

FMCG Ltd - Personal care and household company

Adele Tabner, Export Coordinator

We approached Yellowgrid so that they could advise us on our expansion plans for the IT in our office. They suggested a solution which involved installing a new server, firewall and PCs.
The entire project was planned with the utmost attention to detail and all deadlines were met on time. The installation was carried out over the weekend meaning that there was minimum disruption to our business. On the Monday morning we were up and running in no time.
The benefits that the systems have brought cannot be underestimated. We now have a robust and reliable server helping us to work far more efficiently than before.
Having confidence in your systems is extremely important when running a business such as ours. We depend on IT for scheduling and maintaining our storage records, which sometimes can be extremely detailed.
Employing the skills of qualified IT professionals such as Yellowgrid enabled us to install the new system and integrate it with our existing systems in a fraction of the time we expected.
I have no hesitation in recommending Yellowgrid and their services.

George Pickersgill - Commercial and Domestic Removal and Storage

Phil Swaine, Director

Right from the start, Yellowgrid impressed us with their efficient, professional manner, an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective telecoms system that allowed multiple people to be on the phone at the same time and allowed our staff to move around the warehouse whilst on the phone.

Because of their experience and expertise, Yellowgrid were able to provide My Wendy House with a telephone system at half the cost of a quote from BT, with added features we thought impossible. From their understanding of our needs to the helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff, our experience with Yellowgrid confirms that we chose the right system and supplier

My Wendy House

Wendy & Jenny

After a couple of bad experiences with previous IT companies paired with a company re-structure we decided it was time to change provider.

Yellowgrid impressed us initially with their enthusiasm, work ethic and were very clear in explaining how they could improve on our current set up. We have been delighted to discover that after 12 months they have continued to provide an exceptional service.

We have also recently had our website designed and the service we received was again fantastic. The whole process was done very quickly and to a good standard and we are very pleased with the results.

Nationwide Limited

Laura Gould

We first had the pleasure of Yellowgrid's service in June 2009 when they carried out an initial audit of the company computer systems/equipment, following this we entered into a support contract with them.

One recommendation made was to have a server installed, to enhance data security and ultimately increase productivity. True to their word on the day of installation the guys didn't leave until the job was complete, 11pm on a Friday that's commitment and it seemed they were no strangers to the late shift.

When visiting the company everything is handled in a professional yet friendly manner, great care is taken to minimize disruption. For a dedicated, reliable, personable service delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals Yellowgrid are highly recommended.

Wordsworth (UK) Ltd - Fine Toiletries & Speciality Packaging

Sue Wordsworth, Commercial Director

I would like on behalf of IMK Electronics ® to congratulate Yellowgrid, in particular Craig Graham.

Specially these days, where it seem found business talking only on negative thoughts, and missing opportunities, Craig have embrace my case very professional and with a great touch of Humanity.

He has been a great help and showing a lots of positive attitude, also, (with out any problems) he has resolve IMK Electronics 3CX issues.

Congratulation for having such great person in your company of professionals with human heart.

Has been a pleasure knowing you and I wish all the best in your future..

IMK Electronics

Ivan Marzocchi, C.E.O.

We needed a company to bring our transport/logistics company's computer system up to date, and were recommended to call Craig at Yellowgrid,

The team at Yellowgrid were fantastic, although it was not a straight forward change over they held our hand right through the operation, staying into the evening making sure we were fine. Yellowgrid have been great since the new system went in, to recover any teething problems, and we now have the piece of mind that they are behind us and we are backed up at all times, that is priceless.

We would recommend them to any business.

Sharp Freight Int Ltd

Joe Sharp, Director

YellowGrid were excellent from the very first conversation around our requirements to the assistance in deploying and setting up the system. Their knowledge of the product is excellent and the support we have received when we have had a problem has been first class. The 3CX solution has not only brought cost savings to the business but has brought functionality that would have otherwise been a costly option to our previous phone system

Holchem Laboratories Ltd

Richard Slater, Group Head of IT

We have been using a 3CX phone system for a number of years now. The system was actually purchased and installed before I started in my current position (2.5 years ago) but so far - even without any formal training - we have found it intuitive and fairly easy to run/manage. As a school we do not use many of the features that a call centre or large office might do, but we do have multiple inbound rules, digital receptionist and hunt groups and these are fairly simple to maintain. The ability to select whether to record calls per extension has already been invaluable when we recently had to help police trace a malicious caller! Setting up new handsets/extensions is a simple task and can be provisioned within a few minutes. The system can then be mostly left to do its job and does not require much intervention at all. Yellowgrid - Craig in particular - have been a great help especially when I arrived on the job and had no prior experience with 3CX! They have also been very quick to help when we have had internet line problems and they diverted our main inbound number to a mobile until we had sorted the problems. On reflection, I have been more than happy and impressed with the level of support given and even now, am still finding out more to do with the system each day.

Balshaw's Church of England High School

Ric Turner, ICT and Resources Operations Manager

At Carmel College, we are extremely pleased with our implementation of a 3CX VoIP system by Yellowgrid. The benefits of the 3CX system are outstanding

  • Reduction in line rental and call costs
  • Ease of management
  • Robust setup based on our own server infrastructure
  • Value for money reliable handsets - with a huge choice of models
  • Call Queues
  • Dashboards
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • In house moves and changes
  • Wide ranging feature set
  • The support provided by Yellowgrid is excellent

  • Telephone / Email support
  • Technical bulletins / advice
  • Painless install process
  • Excellent pricing
  • Meaningful Billing System
  • Overall the experience of 3CX and Yellowgrid has been excellent. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking for a future proof, cost effective and reliable communications platform.

    Carmel College

    Kevin Burke, Head of IT Services

    First Recruitment Group is a 100m turnover technical engineering recruitment agency with a high dependancy on telephone based communications with many international calling destinations to unusual places and with UK mobiles. Prior to our engagement with Yellowgrid , in 2014 if I remember correctly, we had a 24 line ISDN system with which we were spending in excess of 80k annually with call costs included which accounted for over 70k of that. We looked at several IP based systems. 3CX was one that came up regularly and there was a lot of information about it in the public domain. As an off the shelf product it was low cost but we were anxious about the accompanying expertise needed to migrate us smoothly and this is where yellowgrid came in. Craig had a very pragmatic approach to our requirements and gained our confidence very quickly with his problem solving focus and he listened carefully to what we needed. The system cost was so low as to cause the owners to query whether it was a serious replacement for our system and it now costs us a quarter of what our ISDN system cost with two further cost reductions during the time the system has been in place as well. The transition itself went very smoothly. We converted a few workstations at a time, this was more about our insecurities than whether Craig felt it was necessary but we appreciated that he was able to entertain us with such a cautious approach and that he made himself present after switchover events, not because he was needed to fix issues but he assisted and guided those who needed help adjusting to the new system, particularly on reception. We went the full hog and got rid of the desktop phones altogether and went to a headset system running off of the 3cx software, so we expected many grumblings and issues with such a big change, but contrary to that it was very smooth indeed and that was I think largely because of the functionality the software app delivered that they didn't previously have which endeared staff to it very quickly. No more having directories printed off beside consultants! Not only did the decision to go soft phones save on desk phone costs, but it really improved mobility and as the system has been upgraded (and we must have had 3-4 upgrades since), these software clients have gotten better and better so being on that road of constant improvement has been a completely different experience to the stagnation we experienced on ISDN where it was the system the day it went out as the day it went in.

    First Recruitment Group

    David Glover, IT Manager

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