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CCTV Installation
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CCTV In Manchester

CCTV Installers in Manchester

Our CCTV Installers cover Manchester and surrounding areas providing CCTV Camera installations for businesses every week

We have a small team of specialist installers who are experienced with all required technologies including; network cabling installation, firewall ports, iPad, iPhone, Android & Computer apps ensuring that you are left with a professional CCTV System


After we have completed your CCTV installation you will have the following capabilities:

  • Monitor your CCTV Camera footage LIVE from your iPad, iPhone, computer or screen
  • Playback recent recordings from your iPad, iPhone, computer or screen
  • Email notifications of events captured on CCTV Cameras

CCTV Security

Businesses are targeted by criminals in Manchester every day because of their valuable stock and computer equipment. Often during the day when security systems are at their weakest. It takes two minutes to walk into an office and take a laptop with little or no objection. CCTV cameras provide you with eyes in the back of head and act as a deterrent to would be thieves


If you are a cash business in Manchester, monitoring your tills is crucial. Monitoring you safe will deter internal or external theft. Car park CCTV Cameras will catch and deter vandals, record evidence of drivers who leave the scene after a bump. As the 'where there’s blame there’s a claim' culture increases, CCTV Cameras are often the strongest evidence to counter false claims


Once our CCTV Installers have installed your CCTV Camera System, you will then be able to access LIVE footage on any of your smart phones, tablets or computers. Our engineers will install an App on these devices and configure them to provide you with access to monitor you cameras wherever you happen to be so long as you have an internet connection


Less than you think!

Each CCTV system is bespoke and tailored to your needs and budget

FREE site survey for any CCTV Camera Systems in Manchester


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