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IT Support Oldham

Yellowgrid (Oldham) consists of a team of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, each with a minimum of 8 years experience working within the IT Support industry. Organisations that use our IT Support in Oldham services range from self employed entrepreneurs to Hospital Trusts with over 2000 computers.

Providing Oldham businesses with better IT Support Oldham

Although staff have the skills required to manage large computer infrastructures, Yellowgrid specialise in providing businesses in Oldham with the same technologies found within big organisations at a price more appropriate to the smaller business. Guidance and training is provided to ensure that these technologies are integrated into business systems ensuring that these companies achieve the best from available computer services.

Small Business Server 2011 is one example of an IT Support Oldham solution that can offer businesses in Oldham with excellent value, providing most of the services required to enable flexible and efficient methods of working. These include advanced communication and collaboration tools that enable staff to access their emails on their mobile phones, access each other's calendars, work from home and much more.

Yellowgrid recommend and support products that provide excellent IT solutions whilst offering great commercial value for money.

From our offices based off Junction 19 of the M62 our staff are positioned perfectly to respond to calls from any company based in Oldham. For further information, please contact our support team on 0333 014 4340

IT Support in Oldham

For many people living in Oldham, operating a computer is part of their daily life. They use their computer for different productivity needs, from word processing, file storage, data processing, even for entertainment purposes. When trouble begins to knock at the doors of their PC, IT Support becomes a necessity

Unfortunately, computers, no matter how sophisticated or new in terms of model, are not made to be perfect. Different external factors like the operating environment, different user preferences and usage habits, and others can considerably affect the performance of a computer. Suffice to say, the life span of a computer is not infinite, and one of these days it is going to die on its user

IT Support Oldham prevents that dreadful scenario from happening. It may not totally stop a computer from getting damaged once in a while, but Yellowgrids primary goal is to ensure that there is as minimal problems with your computers as possible. Yellowgrid also exist to provide immediate support to users in the event that a computer fails to responds correctly or simply when it fails to work at all

IT Support in Oldham encompasses a wide scope of computer and IT related services. Yellowgrid can provide technical support to clients through on site visitations and consultations. In cases when response time is at its most critical, remote services can be established in order to facilitate PC troubleshooting in real time, even without tech personnel being physically present at the site

From minor defects to major disastrous PC failures, is there to provide reliable troubleshooting and repair. PC maintenance and upgrades are also offered in order to extend the productivity functions of the existing computer systems. Networking installations can also be planned and implemented in a short span of time

IT Support Oldham is intended to relieve clients of the burden of having to go through the technicalities of computer systems. That's because a computer is supposed to be a productivity tool, and not a complex machine that is difficult to maintain. Every aspect of the computer system, from hardware to software, is covered by Yellowgrid computer support services. Regardless of brand name and model, clients are ensured of the highest quality in terms of service and regular support

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We first had the pleasure of Yellowgrid's service in June 2009 when they carried out an initial audit of the company computer systems/equipment, following this we entered into a support contract with them. One recommendation made was to have a server installed, to enhance data security and ultimately increase productivity. True to their word on the day of installation the guys didn't leave until the job was complete, 11pm on a Friday that's commitment and it seemed they were no strangers to the late shift. When visiting the company everything is handled in a professional yet friendly manner, great care is taken to minimize disruption. For a dedicated, reliable, personable service delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals Yellowgrid are highly recommended.

Sue Wordsworth, Commercial Director, Wordsworth (UK) Ltd - Fine Toiletries & Speciality Packaging