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Business Telephone Systems In Manchester

If you're looking to install or upgrade an existing business telephone system in Manchester, then you will want to consider the 3CX Phone System

3CX offer both a standard and professional edition of their powerful voice over IP platform. 3CX phone systems offers you powerful features like:

3CX is a software based business telephone system which runs on Microsoft Windows. Because of this it is infinitely scalable and will never become out of date like other hardware based solutions. As technology evolves, 3CX makes improvements and new product releases available via their maintenance program. For a small annual fee you have access to all available updates relating to phone and ITSP provisioning, service packs and other updates. You are also entitled to upgrade to the latest major versions as they become available. If your hardware becomes unreliable, simply backup your 3CX business telephone system and restore it to a new computer

3CX is SIP compliant and therefore compatible with any SIP compliant handset and ITSP. 3CX list plenty of handsets and ITSPs as being fully tested and compatible giving you the freedom to use your preferred brand. Brands like Cisco, Snom, Yealink, Grandstream, Fanvil, Gigaset to name just a few

Some of the benefits of moving to a VoIP system include:

3CX phone system has a very simple licensing model unlike many other business telephone systems. They provide a Standard and Professional edition. In reality, the standard edition contains all the features that any business would normally hope for in a telephone system and more. However, if you are a Call Centre looking to listen to other peoples conversations and maybe whisper to them or take over the call for training purposes, or maybe require advanced queuing strategies or access to live queue statistics then the professional edition is available to satisfy these needs. Once you have decided which edition satisfies your requirements, you simply need to determine how many people need to be on the telephone at once. The licenses are available in 4SC (Simultaneous Call), 8SC, 16SC, 32SC, 64SC, 128SC, 256SC versions starting at just £265. All features are then included, there are no additional costs for voice mail or a limit on the number of extensions you need. It is that simple. The typical response from clients being 'This is too good to be true'

Following the installation of a 3CX business telephone system, we would be happy to offer training in the use of this new technology. Most people fine the system to be highly intuitive and easy to use with access to telephony information like never before

Yellowgrid are a Manchester based business telephone system installer specialising in voice over IP. Yellowgrid committed to 3CX in 2010 after discovering the product and a lengthy period of evaluation migrated their own business telephone system over to 3CX and have never looked back. Since then Yellowgrid engineers have gained both 3CX Certified Engineer and 3CX Advanced Certified status and recently became the first 3CX Elite Partner in the UK ensuring that we are able to provide comprehensive installation and support services

Thank you for visiting our website. In addition to installing business telephone systems we also offer a range of other installation and support services focused around available technology ensuring that business continue to improve their competitive advantage through new way of working and efficiencies

If you are interested in our 3CX business telephone systems please contact us by email or phone and we would be happy to provide you with additional information regarding our products and services

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