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Windows 8

This week I have been testing the new Windows operating system Windows 8.

Lets start with the Windows 8 start up, instead of the four glowing balls meeting to form the Windows logo from Windows 7, we have 4 plain blue sqaures with a rotating graphic; although Windows 8 is quicker to load , it seems simple and basic. Once Windows 8 has loaded you are presented with a image of what looks like the Space Needle Tower in Seattle a nice touch, but is it necessary?


When you login, you are not directed to the desktop like in all the other Windows but, you are directed to the start menu which is now a full screen, colourful page with moving tiles. These tiles are called apps; in Windows 8 they have decided to get rid of the term program and now everything is an app. Windows 8 seems to be confused about what it is, it is a mixture between a mobile OS and Windows; you have an app store like on a Iphone or Android phone where you can buy apps and games; this is not what we want a computer for.


Everything in Windows 8 seems to be focused around Cloud and Social Networking; some of the Cloud features in Windows 8 are actually quite good, SkyDrive is now built into the GUI and youcan easily upload and download your files. Some of the social networking features of Windows 8 are quite good aswell; there is Windows app called People ,you can link this to your Facebook and other social networking account, this displays all your friends and their Facebook profiles and pictures. You can link you Facebook account to a number of Windows apps such as Message where you can chat with you friends on Facebook using the inbuilt Facebook messenger. I would definately say that Windows 8 is not a business OS and it is aimed towards the younger generation who want to share everything.


Everything on Windows 8 seems to be very difficult to do; such as getting to disk management, you usually just go to my computer, right click and manage, but no, not on Windows 8; you go to the start menu and My Computer is not there, you have to type My Computer then right click the ‘app’ then go to the bottom of the screen and click mange. One of the most irritating things about Windows 8 is trying to turn it off; in every other Windows OS you got to start menu then shutdown; in Windows 8 you have to go to one of the corners of you screen, go off of the screen with you mouse cursor, then a toolbar pops out on the right hand side of your screen, you click on a cog icon that says settings, you click power and then shut down; it’s like they don’t want you to turn your PC off


Personally after using Windows 8 for a week on my PC I have determined that I actually like it, I like the over-the-top-ness of Windows 8 and the difficulty of it’s use; I enjoy how some of the apps work such as People and Message. However, as an IT Support Company for Business I would definately not reccomend Windows 8 for any business, most people will find it difficult to use and employees will end up spending most of their time on social networking.