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Microsoft Products Going End Of Life

The following products are nearing their end of support date

Windows XP – End of Life April 2014

Office 2003 – End of Life April 2014

Exchange Server 2003 – End of Life – April 2014

Windows Server 2003 – End of Life – July 2015

SBS Includes Windows 2003, Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 Client

After April 2014, support will end for Outlook 2003, Windows XP Clients and Exchange 2003.  A year later support for the host operating system will end

This means, no more hotfixes, no more service packs.  All of which ensure that legacy products continue to work as other software appears on the market ie Internet Explorer V10 (Current Microsoft browser), Outlook 2013 (Current email client which already does not work with Exchange 2003), Excel 2013 and Word 2103 (Current office apps)

Many websites are starting to require IE9 to run correctly.  IE8 is the newest IE browser that will run on windows XP, IE9 and beyond will not install on XP

Other third party software vendors will start providing support only for currently supported products and therefore the situation will start to become ever more problematic

The current version of SBS is SBS2011 and will be the last release of Small Business Server.

Microsoft will push all SBS companies to Windows Essentials Server and Office 365 (Hosted subscription based email)

We believe that SBS2011 makes more commercial sense whilst available and would serve companies well for the next 5 years