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Dylan Harvey | Monkeyfishmarketing | B1.co.uk | Yellowgrid

Another Happy Yellowgrid client

It’s another Happy client for Yellowgrid Computer Support team in Burnley.

Monkeyfishmarketing are a company based in the Dylan Harvey B1.co.uk office in Burnley. Yellowgrid have  been working with Monkeyfishmarketing in many areas. Below is a testimonial from the MD of Monkeyfishmarketing.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Craig at Yellowgrid for all the hard work they have done at our office in the Dylan Harvey B1.co.uk centre.

We contacted Yellowgrid after one of our clients recomended them.  The support we have had from Craig and the team at Yellowgrid has been nothing short of outstanding.

When we first came to the B1 Dylan Harvey centre, after expanding our office size, Yellowgrid supported our move and made it very smooth. Yellowgrid sorted out all our phone lines and computer needs.

If you have any IT support  or computer support needs then call Craig at Yellowgrid or visit www.yellowgrid.co.uk . I would recommend them to anybody.

MD Monkeyfishmarketing.

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