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Apple Release iOS 5!

iOS 5! iOS 5 was released earlier this month and it has more than 200 new features. It is compatible with all the iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Some of the new features are very practical for example the iCloud, iCloud is an application which enables you to sync your Apple device with iTunes without using any cables; it does this by using the Wi-Fi connection which automatically syncs with your iTunes; you can also use the iCloud to back-up your Apple Device.

Another new feature is the newsstand which is an application where you can subscribe to your favourite magazine or newspaper; after subscription the latest edition of the magazine or newspaper will be downloaded onto your Apple device whenever the device is connected to the internet.

In addition; there is a new camera feature on the iOS 5. If you need to take a quick picture, instead of unlocking your Apple device and selecting camera, as soon as you press the hold button to access your Apple device there is an option to go straight on to the camera.

Also, there are updates to Safari and the messaging services i.e. iMessage which is a new service where you can send unlimited free messages to any able Apple device. In the new Safari you can save a reading list so you can read articles you stumble upon and find interesting when you have the time.