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Offsite Backup

The importance of backup and data protection in a business can often be overlooked.

88% of businesses that lose their data are forced to close within 2 years. Taken with a pinch of sodium chloride, your business may not close, but it will be a royal pain in the backside if you do suffer a disaster!

Why leave your crown jewels exposed? Your data is your business and it needs protecting. Our opinion is that all businesses should compliment their existing backup solution with an offsite backup. And if you haven't got an existing backup then your swinging in the breeze!


Our offsite backup is a cloud based service.

Your data is transmitted securely to an online server, stored and encrypted.

Because the data is stored in a different physical location this meets the requirements of a disaster recovery solution which can reduce business insurance premiums.

The backup is performed on an automated schedule, usually out of office hours, removing the requirement for manual intervention.

The daily reports offer the peace of mind that the backup is successful and alert to any issue. In addition the online portal allows for full user control of the backup job and schedule. File and folder restores can be performed with a few simple clicks from the online portal or software agent.

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We have used Yellowgrid since our customer service centre opened. Yellowgrid recommended to us the 3cx telephone system that utilised the latest technology. Not only do we find it very cost effective it has also grown smoothly with our business over the past twelve months and has enough room for expansion without any further significant capital expenditure. Yellowgrid are our go to people for all of our tech needs and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Marc Stanton, Managing Director, Nexus National Security Network