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SPAM generally refers to electronic junk email, i.e. unsolicited email. As well as being annoying, spam also eats up network bandwidth. Because the internet is a public network, little can be done to prevent spam from being sent. However, there are a number of methods that can be employed to prevent spam ever arriving in your mailbox. Hosted Anti-Spam Services - One way to tackle spam is to use a hosted anti-spam protection service whereby your email is directed through an online anti-spam body before being sent onto you. All spam emails are detected and removed before they hit your server saving your bandwidth and processing power. Anti-spam Software - Another option is to host the anti-spam software on your own server. This is a more cost effective solution for smaller businesses with lower volumes of email

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We first had the pleasure of Yellowgrid's service in June 2009 when they carried out an initial audit of the company computer systems/equipment, following this we entered into a support contract with them. One recommendation made was to have a server installed, to enhance data security and ultimately increase productivity. True to their word on the day of installation the guys didn't leave until the job was complete, 11pm on a Friday that's commitment and it seemed they were no strangers to the late shift. When visiting the company everything is handled in a professional yet friendly manner, great care is taken to minimize disruption. For a dedicated, reliable, personable service delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals Yellowgrid are highly recommended.

Sue Wordsworth, Commercial Director, Wordsworth (UK) Ltd - Fine Toiletries & Speciality Packaging